Secure your company via state-of-the-art penetration tests and red team assessments. We help you discover and deal with vulnerabilities, before the bad guys do.


We offer a large variety of services designed to keep you protected from digital assaults.

Penetration testing

Employing several industry standards as well as our expertise and experience we make sure you get a comprehensive overview of how well your IT-assets are protected, or not.

Red teaming

We become the sparring partner for your Blue Team: Assess breach readiness and resilience against known & relevant threat actors. Improve your capabilities and see how well you perform within your industry.


Leveraging our experience and internal training lab, we are working hard to offer a unique training facility in order to enable our customers to train live attack and defend scenarios, just as they happen in the real world.


We are a team with a combined experience of more than 25 years in penetration testing and red teaming. Our work is reliable and of high-quality, to make sure your business can manage risks and life up to the standards set by regulators and other stakeholders. Our mission is to make sure you are prepared when you are hit by a cyber-attack and are able to roll with the blow instead of being paralyzed and slow to respond.


Protecting your assets via state-of-the-art penetration tests and red team assessments. Get in touch and let us know if we should work together.

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